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How Travel Has Changed Since the Pandemic?

At the peak of the Coronavirus pandemic in 2020, the transportation industry had been brought to its knees. Everywhere around the world, the scene was the same. Airport terminals were abandoned, train stations empty and buses parked. Humans have proven to be quite the resilient species though. Thanks to the advice of health authorities, measures have been put in place that has allowed people to move. There is also word that vaccines have been manufactured and ready to be distributed. Slowly by slowly, things are looking up.

However, people have not forgotten. There is a certain level of fear and anxiety involved. Some of that trauma will inform how people move from place A to B in the future.

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Castles of Italy You Can’t Miss on Your Italian Vacation

The amount of domestic tourism in Italy is simply staggering. The citizens love to travel within their country, enjoying the various destinations and attractions within their bodies. If you are in doubt, visit the country during the July-August period. Offices are served by a skeleton crew and some restaurants and service industries are closed. Families and individuals are taking time off, to breathe in and enjoy the beauty of Mother Nature.

When looking into various destinations in Italy, we conducted a survey and one thing repeatedly came up – castles. That’s how we decided to take a closer look into this. Put aside the rolling hills, beautiful villages, and exquisite foods. Italy has such diversity when it comes to castles. All offer something unique, different and they are spread all over the country. Let’s take a closer look. On your next vacation to Europe, you will consider making a stop to one or more of these options.

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