How to Log Out of Instagram

Is there a social media application that has revolutionized and taken over the world as much as Instagram? The platform is one of the youngest on the planet but has millions of users worldwide. Businesses and brands also make use of Instagram to market their services and products. If you want to appreciate the effect that it has had, just check the statistics. The platform earns and also serves as a revenue earner for millions throughout the world.

As you are starting out using the platform, you might have a bit of a challenge logging out of the system. In addition, you might have used a friend’s device or a shared laptop. It is dangerous for you to leave your account logged in. This guide will come in handy in case you have any difficulties with the process.

Logging out of a phone

The following process applies whether you are using an Android device or iOS.

– First, select your profile icon. Your profile icon is the one that has a picture of you. It will open a navigation panel.

– Select on Settings, which should be in the top right corner of your profile. The settings option is in the form of gear if you are using an iOS device. And if you are using an Android device, it should be in the form of three horizontal stripes.

– Scroll down. You should see the “Log Out” option. This will be located in the account section. Tap on it.

– You will receive a pop-up question asking if you are sure. Select “yes” and you should be home and dry.

Logging out of a PC/ Laptop

If you are logged onto a desktop, the following are the steps that you should consider:

– Search up on the browser. This will confirm if your account is logged in. If this is the case, it should take you to your Instagram home page.

– Select your profile icon. It is typically located in the upper right corner of the screen.

– Once selected, look out for a gear-shaped icon. That is the ‘settings’ option. If you have seen it, tap on it. A pop-up menu will appear.

– Scroll down the pop-up menu. You should be able to see the “Log Out” option. If you click on it, you will be immediately logged out of that particular device.

Login details

For a faster log-in, Instagram tends to remember your login information. This depends on the settings of the particular device that you have logged in with. To confirm this, follow the following steps:

– Once you have logged out, you are bound to see multiple Instagram accounts that have been used on that device.

– There will be a three-dot icon to the side of yours. Select on it and choose “Remove” from the pop-up menu. It means that the next time you use that device, you will have to log in using your credentials. No automatic logins.

Now, with this guide at hand, you may log out whenever you need and stay secure on all your devices.