Picturesque Points to See in Falconara Albanese

Located in the South of Italy, there is a small region that comes highly recommended. It may be overlooked due to its small size and other highly rated regions and towns in Italy and the greater part of Europe. But that’s simply because of a lack of information. This article is here to change all that. After reading this, you will be bound to have a change of heart.


Europe is known for its beautiful beaches. The Falconara Albanese has some that we suggest you visit. The Lido Termare and the Lido di Tropea are our top two recommendations. The tranquil waters are translucent and green lapping onto clean and sparkling beaches. You can come with your child here and enjoy the shallow and calm waters. The beaches are typically not crowded and you can have a piece of the Ocean to yourself. The beaches are also lined with restaurants where you can enjoy freshly caught seafood cooked with a local touch.

Italy has a long and quite rich history when it comes to religion, especially Catholicism. While there may be other different religions in the country, the main religion of the citizens is Roman Catholic. In most sectors of their lives, you will see an influence of the church. This comes in handy for those looking to visit the Falconara Albanese area. There are two churches/cathedrals that we will recommend to you: the Chiesa dell’Asunta and Chiesa Della Madonna Del Buon Consiglio. The architecture of the churches will have you in awe. A visit to the churches will give you an appreciation of the architects and their subtle additions, from the stained windows to the vaulted ceilings to stunning and beautiful mosaics.

They say save the best for the last. Our last suggestion to you is the Court of Paola. Being a seaside town, you might get yourself drawn to its wide beaches. Don’t yourself be distracted; okay, maybe only for a little while. The main attraction in the Court of Paolo is the St. Francis Sanctuary. The town of Paola is known for being the birthplace of St. Francis. He was born in 1416 to a rural family. You will get to see some attractions that are dedicated to the man. The Sanctuary is built with a mix of Baroque and Renaissance influence. Enthusiasts and fans can take shots identifying the two styles. The Sanctuary is also uniquely located in the Isco Gorge, surrounding the Sanctuary with a special feel.

There are many accommodation options for you. Of course, the best is the one that offers you a beautiful panoramic view of the Court of Paola.

You should consider including Falconara Albanese in your itinerary. Whether you are planning to backpack through Europe or intentionally visit the region, we guarantee that you will not be disappointed. Make sure to visit one or all of the above destinations.